Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial day everyone!! I hope everyone had a great day and took time to remember those who work so hard to keep our great country safe! Of course I am thankful for the military for the obvious reason of keeping us safe but I am also thankful for the because if it wasn't for the military then I never would have never met my crazy, wonderful! 10 1/2 years ago four military guys moved in across the street from my parents and little did anyone know, the hottie with the baseball hat would one day be my husband!!! I can only imagine what my parents were thinking when they saw 4 young guys move in across the street from their 17 year old daughter! Come to find out, when Rob filled out his base preference form, Barksdale was his eighth out of 10 choices to be stationed at!

The Bernths had a great Memorial day! Rob had to work but since the high school kids are out of school now, he had extra help so he was able to finish sooner! As Rob says, "the grass doesn't know it's a holiday." We had my parents over and we swam and grilled burgers and hot dogs and ate a TON of food. Brendan was happy to see everyone and he LOVED splashing in the pool, especially with his silly Papa and Aunt Katie. Mom made her delicious baked beans and there was soooo much food to eat! I am still sooo full. Happy Memorial day everyone! I hope y'all have a great week!