Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sailing through September

How is it already September 22nd?!?! This month sure has flown by and thankfully, the weather has cooled off some too. It was 92 today but has been in the mid-upper 80s, so that has been nice. It's so hard to decorate for fall when it is still hot outside but I have started decorating some today. I just LOVE to decorate with the seasons and fall is my favorite season! If Brendan had his way, we would bypass everything and just celebrate Christmas. We were in Ellis Pottery (a craft, home decor store) today and he said "Momma, it should just be Christmas time, let's decorate for Christmas!" He wanted to get the Christmas decorations instead of Halloween decorations. He is truly OBSESSED with Santa and baby Jesus. Brendan dresses up as Santa everyday and rides his toy horse which he refers to as "Rudolph". "The Wiggles Christmas" has become a staple in our home as of late. He also asks tons of questions about baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and the manger. I'm so excited for the holidays this year!!
Rob has started slowing down a little so he has been home more which has been great! Brendan just finished his 4th week of pre-school and he loves it! He gets excited when it is a pre-school day and I am so thankful for that! Enjoy the pictures below and happy (almost) fall!!

Daddy's game watching buddy. Goooooo Huskers!!!

Shaving the night before pre-school :)

Lining up his "fire ducks." Daddy duck, Momma duck, and Brendan duck

Movie night!!!

Brendan's newest demand...must have book to read while going potty! ;)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pre-School, here he comes!!!

Brendan has started pre-school! There was a meet and greet on Tuesday and then his first day was Thursday. After looking high and low, Rob and I decided on St. Paul's Day School. Although I was very overwhlemed after the meeting on Tuesday, it was much better Thursday and I think it will be a great fit! Most importantly, Brendan was so excited and had a great time! On Thursday, I brought him to his classroom, took a few pictures, and then Brendan looked at me, gave me a hug and said "ok now, bye bye Momma, I love you." I hadn't intended to leave that fast but he was ready to start this new adventure, (without Momma) so I (reluctantly) headed back to my car. You could tell who all of the new Moms were. They were the ones walking quickly out of the building before anyone would see their tears! It was quite comforting to know that I wasn't the only one who was having such a hard time with this whole pre-school thing! Although Tuesday was very overwhelming, Thursday was much better and I was even able to meet a few of the other Moms who had children in Brendan's class.

Going to pre-school is the first real "big boy" step that Brendan has taken. He's no longer my little toddler and im no longer his only care giver. He did Mom's Day Out some before pre-school but having him go to pre-school is so much tougher!! I guess because this is the beginning of him needing less and less of me and it's VERY bittersweet! This is also the beginning of his education. Some may think its "just pre-school" but to me, pre-school is a big deal! This is his first real school and its the first of many years of school and then college, if that is the path he chooses. I really am so excited for him to start this new journey and I know this will be a wonderful thing! Brendan was happy to see me after pre-school and said he had a great time. We celebrated with a lunch date and then cupcakes! Daddy was at work but when he got home in the evening, he wanted to take Brendan to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate his special day!! Of course I took several pictures, so enjoy!!!

Meet and greet day! He was saying "Hooray for pre-school!"

Reading The Night Before Pre-School

Today is the big day!!! He is in the owl class, so he had to wear his owl shirt on the first day!!

I love this picture!!

Brendan with his new school bag! They had to have totes insted of back packs and of course he had to have a firetruck on it!!

Hard to read it but it says First Day of Pre-School 3 and then the school, teacher, and date.

He was getting tired of pictures until the Santa hat came into play. ;) He was saying "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!"

tried the sign on colored paper.

Mommy and Brendan

On our way to Pre-School!!

Doesn't he look nervous?!?!?!

His name and bag hanger are beneath a fire alarm....PERFECT!

Waiting in teh pick-up line!!


Mr. Cool had a GREAT first day!

Celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese!

Daddy asked Brendan if he had a good day and he said yes, then gave Daddy a high 5!

This is the beginning to a very exciting year!!!