Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 months old!!!

Jack is 3 months old! I'm behind on posting this and he will be 4 mos on the 13th.   He is such a sweet baby, always smiling,  and is  so much fun!  3 months has been a big month for Jack!  He is holding onto toys now, has discovered his toes, rolled over from back to belly and then back to his back,  naps in his crib now (about an hour or so each time) and sleeps in his crib at night too.  He has discovered his sweet little voice and loves to hear it,   has realized how entertaining and funny his big brother is and spends a lot of time watching him, is working on his first tooth, and is on somewhat of a schedule now.  He loves chewing on things, especially his hand and on a good day he can fit his whole fist in his mouth! ;)!  Jack is no longer a newborn.  He has turned into a fun little person now with such a sweet personality!  He weights 14 pounds and is 24 in.  He is in a size 1 diaper (soon to be 2) and size 3-6 mo. clothes.  He goes to sleep at night around 7:30 and wakes around 4 to nurse, and then up for good around 7...sometimes 8. Jack was baptized on December 16th and smiled for most of the ceremony. He went on his first vacation this month and big brother introduced him to Santa for the first time too!  Such a big month for baby Jack!  Will have to add a picture later as a certain 4 year old spilled juice in the keyboard! ;)

Jack's 4th month of life will be a big month too but for different reasons.  Jack was born without a soft spot in the back of his head so he will be having major surgery in a few weeks.  The condition he has is craniosynostosis which means the suture in his skull is fused which restricts proper growth of the skull and could result in restricted brain growth if untreated and the shape of his head will continue to grow differently-longer as opposed to circular. The suture that Jack has fused is his sagital suture which is actually a blessing because postop recovery will (hopefully) be easier.  We have known since shortly after birth that he would need this surgery but we just weren't ready to share the news with everyone yet.  We didn't want to turn the focus of excitement from having a baby into sadness from him having to have this surgery.  We are of course very scared and overwhelmed with the journey Jack will be on but in all things give thanks and that is what we are doing...or atleast trying to do. We have already received so many answered prayers and have so much to be thankful for. Jack is not in any pain and his condition is treatable and after surgery and a couple of months with a helmet, he will be fine both physically and mentally. There are amazing surgeons locally so we don't have to travel. Rob and I can be donors for the blood transfusion. We have a wonderful support system! Brendan will stay with my parents for the several days we are at the hospital so we don't have to worry and so many other prayers have been answered as well. We are asking for your prayers. Prayers for Jack, prayers for the surgery to go well, prayers for no complications, prayers for quick recovery, prayers for Brendan as this will be the longest he as been away from us and prayers for him as he sees his baby brother recover. Also, prayers for Rob and myself. This is a scary time but we have a strong faith and know we will soon be on the other side of this and our happy Jack will be healthy!