Saturday, April 16, 2011

104 and 105/365 Family days

Rob was off from the station and didn't have to mow on Friday or Saturday so we had 2 days to spend TOGETHER!!! I am so thankful for these special times! Friday, Brendan went to MDO and I had several errands to run so Rob got to finally get some much needed sleep and have the first part of the day to himself! After picking up Brendan, we went to Toys R Us and spent the rest of the day playing outside. After Brendan went to bed, Rob and I were able to watch a movie together and we haven't been able to do that in a long time.
Saturday was a busy but fun day! We all slept in late and then headed to a fire department Easter party and then to our church's Easter festival. We had a great time and Brendan had a blast having his face painted, hunting eggs, decorating cupcakes, and painting pictures! Today was such a beautiful day so after we got home we all played outside. I've said this before but if Brendan had his way, he would live outside!!! I talked Rob into going to my favorite place for dinner, El Mariachi and then TCBY for dessert! Rob heads back to work tomorrow but we have had a great two days together. I am so thankful for my healthy, happy, wonderful family!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What day is it??????!!!!!

Have you ever seen the episode of The Office when Jim tells Dwight that it is the wrong day of the week?? Well, up until 7:00 pm today, I thought it was Wednesday!!! Rob was mowing residentials today and I thought "why in the world is he mowing residentials, it's Wednesday." I have to bring cupcakes to the church on Friday and help get ready for the egg hunt as well as having a hair appt. Thankfully, I realized it was Thursday! What a mess it would have been if I had gone to sleep, still thinking it was Wednesday!! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

102/365 Back to Blogging

Busy Bernths are back!!! Our computer finally gave out but we have a new one now so blogging is back on!! My last post was on March 6th, so it sure has been a while. The Bernth family has been pretty busy this last month. Mowing season is back in full swing so Rob is very busy with that. He started on his 4 days off from the fire dept. today, so even though he is off from the station, he is still gone all day but it sure is nice to have him home with us at night. Brendan is thrilled when Daddy is home! They are in the living room right now playing hide and seek and wrestling. I have been busy this past month as well. I started selling Scentsy products last month and am really enjoying that! I love their products so I thought "why not start selling it as opposed to giving someone else my money!!" It is so much fun and it is also so rewarding to see money that I earned all by myself! Rob and I also bought an embroidery machine so I am really excited to get started sewing/embroidering too! I am hoping tomorrow I can get started with that! Also, last month I signed on to be co-director of our church VBS program this summer. I am so very excited about that! I have been wanting to get involved in church for a long time, we just haven't been able to find a church that is a good fit for our family. First Methodist Bossier is definitely a good fit and an answered prayer! Another big thing that happened last month is that we joined the church! This was the first church that we joined as a family and I am so excited to finally have a church home that we all love!
So, whats been going on with Brendan this past month?? Well, what hasn't been going on with that crazy boy???!!! He is sooooooooooo busy! He is either at 100% or sleeping. There is no in between with him. He is thrilled that it is warmer outside now so he can play outside. If he had his way, he would live outside! Brendan and I cleaned out the flower beds and planted new flowers last week, so he loved to help with that! We are still (anxiously) waiting to see if Brendan got into our 1st choice pre-school, but several people say I won't find out for sure if he got in until late in the summer. He is still having fun at Mom's Day Out on Fridays. It really has been great for Brendan and I both. He has become a much more social child and I have learned to "let go" and not be that psycho controlling Mom that is with her child 24/7! :) Brendan did have strep throat last week. Even though he was sick, he was still playing, playing, playing! Thankfully, after a couple of days on antibiotics, he was feeling much better! It's been quite a while since a Brendan update so here it goes...he is 32 lbs. and I am not sure in his height. As I said, he doesn't sit/stand still long enough for me to get an accurate measurement. We are still working on potty training but honestly, I am not pushing it too much. We encourage him but also feel that he will go when he is ready (within reason). I feel confident that within the next couple of months he will be ready. Brendan knows all of the basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, heart, star, rectangle), knows some letters and knows the sounds that the letters A, B, D, E, and M make. He can count to 22, yes 22 (not always in order). We are currently working on the days of the week. His favorite tv show is still Calliou but Chuggington, Handy Manny, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are favorites as well. Brendan has started eating peas so that is a huge plus! He is still very picky and his favorite food is still hot dogs and fruit. Brendan still loves to dress up, the fireman costume is still a favorite, and he is such a comedian like his Daddy. People think I am crazy when I say this but I really do love this age. Having a 2 year old is so much fun and he is so funny! Yes, he pushes my buttons but that's just part of getting older and learning his boundaries! I hope this gets everyone that lives out of town back up to date on our family. Have a good night everyone!!!