Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~Bunny Brendan starts K-4~

Brendan started back to school on Monday.  VERY bittersweet!  I love the school and he really does enjoy going but I sure will miss him being home every morning.  He went 2 days/week last year and now he will go 5 days since that is the only option for K-4.  5 whole days!!! It's only from 9-12 and I know it's what he needs but it is still very bittersweet!
ANYWAYS...he is at St. Paul's again this year and he is in Mrs. Yeate's class, the bunny bunch!  He loved his teacher last year and Brendan takes awhile to warm up to new people, so I was curious as to how he would do with a new teacher and a new class but he seems to really like his new teacher and his new classmates.  He really is so excited to go every morning and has so much to tell me about his new bunny class when I pick him up!  We are excited for a new, exciting year in the bunny class!!


He wants to be a police man when he grows up!!

Brendan with his new teacher.
Reading The Night Before Preschool
playing in the rain!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

35-37 weeks!!

Chubby Cheeks!!!!  :)

sweet smile!!
    I am 37 weeks today!!!   Everything is going well and we are so thankful!  We had an ultrasound last week and we are thrilled with the findings!  The ventricles in his brain had been measuring "borderline high" but they are back down to the normal range now and Jack's head was in the 95th percentile but is now measuring the same as his body, which is 60th percentile!  His weight last Thursday (36 weeks 2 days) was 6 pounds 10 oz.  When I saw my OB this week, she said he will most likely weigh around what Brendan was, so around 8 lb. 6 oz. and 21 in.  When Jack was measuring so big, there was discussion about inducing or doing c/s but at my last appt. she said there is no reason to induce if I didn't want to, so she said I can go into labor on my own!!!!!!  I was thrilled to hear that!  I am progressing faster than I did at this stage with Brendan but still have a ways to go!  We also got such awesome pictures at the ultrasound!!!!  Every ultrasound we have had during this pregnancy, Jack has either had his face facing my spine or his hands and feet have been covering his face.  This last ultrasound was very clear and it was so awesome!  The tears definitely started flowing when the tech turned the machine to 4D and I saw this precious baby boy that had been in hiding!!  He looks just like his big brother!!!!!  When Brendan would ask us when "Skippy" was coming, we would tell him Skippy would come after his birthday.  Well, Brendan's Birthday was last week, so now we are just waiting!!  Brendan starts back to school on the 27th and Jack is due the 5th so lots of exciting things ahead!!!  We are all getting excited about our family of 3 turning into a family of 4!! 

35 weeks

36 weeks, 5 days

Weight Gain-plenty!!!


Thing I miss the most-SLEEP!!!!!  I am not sleeping well at all.

Size of Baby-at 36 weeks 2 days, he weighed 6 lb. 10 oz.  We couldn't get an accurate length.  According to BabyCenter, a 37 weeker weighs 6 pounds and is 19-20 in. long.

Kicking-he is still kicking A LOT!!!!  Brendan thinks it is so funny to put his head on my belly and Jack will kick him. :)  People have asked if Brendan calls the baby Jack now and the answer is NO!  He still calls his baby brother Skippy and corrects those who dare to call him Jack!  ;)

Symptoms-lots of contractions but they aren't consistent yet and aren't doing much good yet!  Also, sooooooo sleepy from not sleeping well due to being uncomfortable and those darn leg cramps!!!  I am soooooo excited to get to sleep on my belly again soon!

3 weeks till baby Jack is due!!!!!!!