Tuesday, July 24, 2012

34 weeks!!!!!

32 week ultrasound.  At this u/s, this was the best picture we could get of his face.  Tons of pictures of his arms, legs, and "parts" but he kept putting his hands over his face!  A few days later at the u/s, he was faced toward my spine and would not turn!  I guess he is camera shy!  ;)

I am 34 weeks along now!!!! Jack's nursery is almost done and I am so excited!!  We added some shelves and a new dresser (complete with firetruck knobs) to Brendan's room too so he could have a "new room" also.  I had my appt. yesterday and she said all is well!  Baby Jack is kicking most of the time and is definitely starting to get smushed in there!  Just like Brendan, Jack's head is measuring big!  We figured that would be the case, so now I am  nervous for delivery!!!!!  I am really hoping I won't have to be induced, especially because Brendan will be starting back to school at the end of August and I sure don't want to miss that! I am trying my hardest to just "go with the flow" and that is sooooo hard for me!  Of course I thought I would get Brendan ready for school, he'd start back, and then have a week or 2 to adjust before Jack came but that may not be the case now!!!!  Also,  Rob has his vacation for mid September (thinking Jack would be here sometime after the 5th) so if we have Jack early, he won't have any time off at first BUT that is just senseless worrying!!!  I read a quote the other day from one of my favorite Christian authors, Joyce Meyer.  She said, "it is good to have a plan but you have to let God interrupt you when He wants to."  God has everything under control and whether Jack comes at 37 weeks or 41 weeks, if I have to get induced or he comes naturally,  he will come when he is supposed to and everything will work out!!!

34 weeks...

Weight Gain-- A LOT!!!!!!  :)

Size of Baby--we will find out Thursday.  Baby Center says avg. weight and length for 34 weeker is 4.73 pounds and 17.72 in. but Jack is definitely bigger.  Two weeks ago, he was already 4 pounds, 10 oz.

Cravings--sweets, especially double stuffed oreos and milk!!

Kicking--yes, most of the day and night he is kicking!

Sleeping--not good!  Rob moved to the couch the other night since I kept tossing and turning so much!

Pregnancy Symptoms--Braxton Hicks quite often!  Also, heartburn and I am always HOT! I don't think our AC has turned off in the last couple of weeks! :)

Not much longer and baby Jack will be here!!!!!!!!!!