Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jack is 2 months old!!

Jack Steven is 2 months old!!     His personality is really starting to show now and he is such a sweet baby!!!  What's new with the newest Bernth addition???

bath time!!!
Such a happy baby!!    He was smiling but everytime I got the camera out, he would stop.  Sounds just like big brother...and Daddy! :)

Sleeping:  he  eats at 7 pm and then (usually) sleeps until 2 am, eats, and then back down until 5 or 6.  If we are lucky, I can nurse  him in bed and he will doze off until 7.  He is still in his bassinet in our room but will be moving to his crib soon... maybe.  As far as naps, he will nap for 2 hours in his swing but I am trying to get him used to napping in his crib but he wakes up after 30 min. or so and wants OUT.  It will come with time. He would prefer to sleep in my arms and I rock him all day but that just isn't possible! ;)

Eating:  he eats every 3 hrs. during the day.  He LOVES  to eat!

first playdate! :)
Favorite Things:  Momma's arms, Moby wrap, and his swing.

Dislikes:  napping in his crib and tummy time

Biggest change since last month:  he is really "talking" a lot and smiling! 

sweet boy was talking so much!!

Biggest Momma challenge: realizing that I can't have my house as clean as I want right now.  I am OCD about my house and some days it is impossible to get any housework done.

Biggest difference between Brendan and Jack at this age: Jack will take a binkie and Brendan never would.

Who does Jack resemble: Everyone says they can't see any of my or Rob's features yet but I think he does look like Brendan did at 2 mos!

sweet boy!!