Tuesday, April 24, 2012

21 Weeks!!!

I am 21 weeks pregnant today!!!!!! Baby Skippy is the size of a banana and weighs approx. 12.70 oz and measures 10.51 in. crown to heel. The first 20 flew by so it makes me quite nervous to think that the 2nd 20 will go just as fast and although we get to meet this precious child and will finally become a family of 4, EVERYTHING will change!!!! We still refer to the baby as Skippy and Brendan has decided that is what he will call the baby indefinitely!!!! Rob and I have discussed every male name there is and we just can't find one that we just love. The names that are in the running are Jack, Jacob, Ryan, Nathan, Tyler, Camden, and Bennett. We do know the middle name will be Steven after my Father-in-law.

The pregnancy has been going well so far and we are thankful! Im getting so much bigger so much faster and getting the aches and pains much sooner but I also felt baby kick much sooner this time and feeling those kicks really does make every ache and pain worth it! I could feel the kick from outside of my belly a couple of weeks ago so that was very exciting and they are getting much stronger so I am excited for Rob and Brendan to get to feel him kick soon!!! Brendan asks quite often when Skippy will be here and wants him to come now so they can play super heroes together.

Brendan is NOT thrilled about giving up his playroom. At first he said we should put Skippy's crib in the living room but when I told him we wouldn't be able to watch cartoons anymore since having the tv on would wake the baby, he decided that the baby could have his bathroom and we should put the crib in there. Brendan's room is smaller than the playroom so we are thinking about moving Brendan to the playroom and he could pick out theme, paint, etc. for his "new room" so hopefully that makes the switch easier and Skippy could just have his old room. If we decide to do that then we will get started on it next month and then wait a month or so to get started on Skippy's room so that way they aren't related at all. As far as Skippy's room, I am going to do a giraffe theme and am so excited about it!!! I'm debating between 2 different bedding sets and I am so excited to see the final product when it's all finished!!!! For some reason for the past several weeks, I couldn't update my blog so I am behind but hopefully I can post regularly now. Enjoy the update on Baby Bernth #2!

Weight Gain? 7 pounds so far BUT I go to Dr. on Thursdy and am quite certain that number will have increased!!!

Showing Yet? DEFINITELY!!!

Gender? A baby boy!!!! Of course we are so thankful that he is healthy but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed at first that it wasn't a girl but now I really am excited that Brendan will have a brother to play with and boys really are so much fun!!

Names Yet? As stated above, we can't find a name we both love for a boy. Steven will be the middle name.

Nursery? Giraffe theme and green with some blue. Haven't started on it yet.

Size of Baby? a banana!! Weighs approx. 12.70 oz and measures 10.51 in. crown to heel.

Anything You Miss? sleeping all night!! I wake up several times from being uncomfortable but that's okay. Last pregnancy I NEVER drank caffeine but Dr. assured me having a coke or 2 each day is perfectly fine so that helps some.

Kick? YES! Baby is kicking quite often now, especially at night! They are getting stronger by the day it seems!! Looking forward to when Rob and Brendan can feel them!

Biggest Concern? That Brendan will adjust ok to having to share Momma and Daddy and that I can give enough time and attention to Brendan.