Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Bernth #2

Rob, Brendan, and I are soooo excited about baby #2. Sometimes it still doesn't feel real but then I look down at my growing belly and am just so thankful!! We are all praying for a healthy baby and hoping for a girl but if God chooses to give Brendan a baby brother then that would be great too. Brendan already has a name picked out and there is absolutely no debating on the names with him. If it is a girl, he thinks her name is Dee Dee and if it is a boy, his name will be Skippy...named after the peanut butter brand.

This pregnancy has definitely been different than with Brendan. I only felt nauseous with Brendan twice but with this one I felt nauseous quite often and it came in waves throughout the day. Thankfully, that has passed for the most part as long as I keep something on my stomach. The worst part by far was the exhaustion. Last time when I was tired, I could rest but rest is impossible when you have a busy 3 year old at home. I still get tired some but the exhaustion is gone and not a minute too soon. :) We were planning to go to Disney World mid-February, but my Dr. didn't think it was a good idea so we were bummed about that but whatever is best for baby is what we wanted to do! I would've been so tired anyways so it's good we didn't go. Thankfully, Brendan was pretty understanding! Another big difference this time is that I am showing sooooo much sooner. With Brendan, I started wearing maternity clothes around 14 weeks and now at 9 weeks the only pants I could wear were leggings. I will be 14 weeks tomorrow and definitely have a belly!! :)

Thanks to Pinterest, I saw this little question sheet and decided to copy so I can always look back at my pregnancy progress! Enjoy!!

How far along? 14 weeks tomorrow!!

Any Cravings/Aversions? Not too many cravings. At the beginning, I did NOT want Mexican food which is bizarre because we would eat Mexican at least once/week. It was my favorite food!! I'm still not thrilled with Mexican but will eat it every now and then.

How's the Mood? Well, I'm sure Rob would have a different opinion at times but I really think I've been pretty happy and haven't been very moody. I really am much happier now that I got the ok to exercise and clean my house! :)

Showing yet? DEFINITELY!!!! I love my baby belly! :)

Weight Gain? Just 1 pound!

Due Date? September 5th!!!

Boy Or Girl? We find out in a few weeks!!!

Names picked out? We have a few that we have discussed but nothing concrete yet.

Nursery theme? If it's a a girl, I know she will have a PINK room and if it's a boy, then I think he will have a pale green room. I have an idea for a theme but not too sure

Biggest Concern/Excitement? Not really a concern but of course anxious to know that the baby is healthy. Biggest excitement is that we get to add to our family and Brendan gets to be a big brother! I know he will be the best big brother!!