Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What have we been up to?!?!

It's been several weeks since I posted last! It has definitly been a busy Summer for us and it looks to stay that way until September...well, then then Pre-school starts! PRE-SCHOOL!!! I can't believe Brendan will be starting pre-school! I really am so excited about it and so excited for him but it is also very bittersweet! I was visiting a friend today who had a baby and of all the rooms in L&D at the hospital, she was in the same room that I was in when I had Brendan. Being back there sure did bring back memories and instead of having a newborn with me, I have an almost 3 year old with me! Anyways, back to the origional post...what have we been upto?!?! Brendan is going to be a ring bearer in his Aunt Kelly's wedding next week so last month we went to the tux shop to get Rob and Brendan fitted. Who knew getting fitted for a tux would be so much fun!

Brendan looking in the mirror and dancing! Of course he has his boots on! ;)

He called the tux jacket a "fireman jacket". The guy taking measurements told him to stand like a soldier, so thats what he is doing! :)

Trying on "shiny shoes" was by far his favorite part so he had to walk around the store to make sure they fit just right!! He is so exited to fly to Nebraska and get the tux and shiny shoes that are "just Brendan's size!"

For the 4th of July,we headed to Mimi and Papa's house and grilled out. Our power went out early afternoon, so we heded over there early since it was getting soooo hot in our house! Thankfully, power was back on hen we got home that night!

FUN IN THE SUN!!! I took Brendan and my nephew, Michael to the waterpark, Splash Kingdom. So much fun!!

Brendan is having a fire truck theme Birthday party this year, so we stopped by the firestation so he could visit Daddy and to take Birthdy pictres. I thought this was too sweet, holding hands, looking at the fire trucks! Rob and mini Rob!

Last week, we had Vacation Bible School at our church. Although Brendan was too young to be in VBS, I was able to take him out of the nursey at the end of the day so he could sit with my big kids and sing songs and dance with them. He loved it and I did too! Such a fun week!!