Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!  Brendan and Rob made today a special Mother's day for me.  Brendan ran into my room this morning shouting "Happy Mother's Day, Momma" and gave me the biggest hug!! We ate dinner last night at Olive Garden (my most recent craving) instead of eating out today and then after church, Rob and Brendan fixed me brunch and gave me some beautiful flowers for outside as well as a bouquet and cards, all of which Brendan picked out.  Also, my favorite candy!!  ;)  I sure do love my precious little boy and am so thankful that I get to be his Momma!  This evening we had dinner at my Mom's house and spent the evening with her.

I am 23 weeks pregnant now!!  I will be 24 weeks on Tuesday.  I know I have said this before but my gosh this pregnancy is going by so fast!!  I was telling a friend today that it is funny how different you are with the 2nd pregnancy.  When I was 24 weeks along with Brendan, we had his nursery finished, crib put together, clothes washed and put away, and were just anxiously awaiting his arrival.  This time around we don't have a name yet for this sweet baby, haven't even started on the nursery, and haven't even ordered the bedding yet!  I guess we really better get started on that!!! :)  We have looked at every name book and website there is and we just can't find a name that we both like.  If anyone has a brilliant suggestion for a name then feel free to let us know!  :)  The names (still) in the running are: Jack, Jacob, Nathan, Tyler, Ryan, and Logan.  I like Bennett and Camden but Rob reallyyyy doesn't and Rob really likes Brent but that is way too close to Brendan in my opinion so we aren't going to do those.  Of course Brendan still refers to the baby as Skippy and I feel quite certain that will be the name he will always use, no matter what we name the baby.  Brendan felt the baby move last week and that was one of he most special moments ever!  He had his head on my belly and the baby kicked and Brendan's little face lit up and he said "I really felt Skippy move, Momma!"  He was just so proud and it was such a special moment!  Rob felt the baby move a few days later and that was so exciting too.  I'm so excited that they can both feel the baby now!  It makes everything even more exciting and special when they can be a part of it too! 

23 1/2 weeks

Weight gain so far?  as of 2 weeks ago, 12 pounds.

Size of baby?  one website said the size of a grapefruit and another said approx. 11 in. long and just over 1 pound. :) 

Cravings?  OLIVE GARDEN!!!!!!!!!  Especially bread sticks and salad but chicken fettuccine sure sounds yummy too!! 

Kicking?  He is definitely a kicker now!  I am feeling him regularly now and he is most active in the evening.