Friday, June 24, 2011

Brendan's First Movie

Rob got off this morning and is off all weekend!!!! YEAHHHH!!! Last night, Brendan saw a preview for the Cars 2 movie and wanted to see it, so today Rob and I took him to his first movie! Surprisingly, he did really well. He watches a few cartoons at home but never stays sitting in front of the tv for more than 10 minutes or so, so we were surprised that he did so well at the movie. An hour into it, he fell asleep. A dark room and a belly full of popcorn will do that to ya! We saw a preview for the Pooh movie and are excited to take Brendan to see that!

Headed to his first movie!!

The 3 of us!

We had some time to kill before the movie so we went to the Sunglasses store and Brendan had to try on the "blue glasses"

Brendan had to hold the popcorn!

Almost movie time!!

Headed home, still half asleep...with his new blue shades, haha!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

yeah for rain!!!!

It rained a TON last night so....Rob was able to come home this morning after getting off from the fire dept. rather than spending all day mowing!!!! I am so very thankful for his business but I am also thankful for a surprise day off! Brendan was thrilled too! He came into our room this morning and was so excited when he saw Daddy was home! We spent the day playing, then running some errands and went to the gym this evening. Rob is obsessed with fitness and nutrition so I have enlisted him as my weight loss coach/trainer and I am paying the price. I don't think I've ever worked out so hard at the gym!! Although im VERY sore now, I know I will be thankful when I start seeing results and working out really does make you feel so much better. Brendan did great at the gym childcare so that was a relief! Tomorrow we are headed back to the gym and then we are going to pick up my nephew and go swimming!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 years!!

Seven years ago at this time, I was at my wedding reception celebrating with friends and family...ROB AND I WERE MARRIED! My wedding was so special and sooo much fun! I will forever be thankful to my parents for making my wedding day a fairy tale! As my sister stated in her speech, "Elena has married her prince!" Sometimes it seems like our wedding was only a year ago; time sure does fly and the older I get, the faster time seems to go! Although our lives are completely different now compared to how they were 7 years ago, I love Rob just as much as I did then...well actually even more than I did then...even when he complains if I spend too much money, or when he leaves his nasty work clothes all over the floor, and when he refuses to watch The Duggars with me! :) Rob is such a caring, loving, hilarious, driven, hard working man, and the most amazing, hands on Daddy to Brendan! Even when he has been in the heat all day mowing and only got a few hours of sleep the night before, he is more than happy to play with Brendan as soon as he gets home and is eager to hear all about our day! What a journey these past 7 years have been! Lots of happy times, some sad times, and everything in between! I am so thankful for the husband that God has blessed me with and that I get to share this life with!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where did the time go?!?!?!

I was sorting through pictures today and came across pictures of Brendan when he was a baby! OH MY GOSH, where has the time gone? It truly doesn't seem like that long ago when we were busy planning his nursery and now I am busy planning his THIRD BIRTHDAY! What a blessing this little boy is and how much happiness he has brought us in the past 3 years! Enjoy some of the pictures of baby Brendan...

6 days before Brendan was born! HUMUNGOUS!!!!













I didn't intend to post this many pictures but looks like I got a little carried away!!!! ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May in review...

So, I know I dsaid I was going to do better at blogging on a regular basis but....I haven't. Once again I am saying I am going to "try" and blog regularly but don't hold your breath! :)

The month of May was a fun month for us! Rob, Brendan, and I took a long weekend trip to Tyler and went to The Villages, an indoor water park. Not only was it indoors, they also had an outdoor pool with a kiddie area which was perfect for Brendan as well as an arcade and put put golf. Although Great Wolf is nicer and has much more for younger children, we will definitely go back to The Villages sometime!

The weekend after The Villages, Rob and I went out of town togther to Dallas! JUST THE TWO OF US!!! We hadn't left Brendan for more than 18 hours since he was born so this was much needed. Although I missed Brendan tremendously and my parents probably thought I was crazy for calling so much, it was soooo nice to not have Mommy and Daddy duty for a few days! We had so much fun and it was one of the best trips we have had together! We ate out, shopped, relaxed by the pool, went to 6 Flags, had "grown up" drinks, and just relaxed!!!! Life just gets so busy and when Rob does have free time, we would much rather use that time to spend as a family but when we were coming home from out trip, we made a pact that we would have date night 1x/month. It is week #3 and you guessed it, we haven't been out together yet BUT we are going out next weekend and it just so happens to be our 7th Anniversary!!!! Time Flies!!

This is at 6 Flags! Yes, we went to 6 flags and rode rides! So much fun until I thought I was going to be sick after the last roller coaster!

Beautiful view from our hotel balcony!

Here is another!

Brendan was soooo excited to see us when we came back! He was patting me on my back in this picture!

Brendan and Daddy playing batman with Brendan's new cape we got him!

For Memorial Day, we had my parents, brother, and sister over and ate a TON, swam, and had a great time!

Mimi, silly Papa, and Brendan

Mommy, Daddy, and Brendan

Brendan LOVES the water!

Peek a boo!


In May, I started couponing! I already have a small stock pile and am adding to it weekly! It is definitely not as easy as it looks but I am getting the hang of it! My last trip I saved close to 60% with coupons!!! Brendan loves to help me with the coupons! I give him newspaper ads and he uses his kiddie scissors to "clip his coupons." :)